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Common Orthodontic Corrections in Adults and Children

Dr. DeSimone with a patientDeSimone Orthodontics specializes in creating exceptional smiles by combining artistry and advanced technology. Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. The results of orthodontic treatment can be dramatic — beautiful smiles, improved dental health and an enhanced quality of life for many people of all ages. Orthodontic problems, which can result from genetic and environmental factors, must be diagnosed before treatment begins. Proper diagnosis involves taking photographs, digital radiographs, and dental impressions, which enables Dr. DeSimone to make informative decisions about the form of treatment necessary.

Treatment typically lasts from 6 to 30 months, depending on age and the severity of the orthodontic problem. Outstanding results are also dependent on maximizing the coordination of care between you and our practice. We are committed to delivering the best possible service in order for you to achieve your orthodontic objectives.

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The practice of Dr. DeSimone has state-of-the-art equipment and experience to provide the finest quality orthodontic treatment and to address today’s most demanding orthodontic needs in a friendly and caring environment.

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Orthodontic Treatment Timing

Classification of Teeth Overview

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Classification of Teeth Overview
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Dr. DeSimone provides orthodontic treatment for adults, adolescents and children. We follow the guidelines established by the American Association of Orthodontists by recommending that an orthodontic evaluation take place at age 7 for all children. This early evaluation can help to determine the best time to begin any necessary treatment.

Many progressive treatments are now available for patients 7 to 11 years of age that provide significant benefits, especially when jaw irregularities are present. These treatments may also prevent certain conditions from worsening. Treating children with these types of problems during their growth stages allows our practice to achieve results that may not be possible when face and jaw bones have fully developed. This early treatment can simplify or eliminate additional treatment for the child.

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Patient Testimonial from Marilyn S

It has been over 3 years since my son's treatment is complete and we get compliments on his beautiful teeth all the time! Dentists even ask where he has had his work done. We love DeSimone Orthodontics and highly recommend you visit when in need of Orthodontics! The staff even remember my daughter who was a toddler when our son was getting treatment! It's her turn now and we are so happy to be back.

- Marilyn S

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Patient Testimonial from Amy D

We have had a great experience both with Dr. DeSimone and the office staff. All appointments have started on time and have been very efficient.

- Amy D

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Patient Testimonial from Natasha D

Very helpful and welcoming staff and knowledgeable doctor who always spends time explaining the treatments and alternatives.

- Natasha D

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Patient Testimonial from Lisa H

Wonderful experience & accommodating and courteous staff!

- Lisa H

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Patient Testimonial from Jamie L

We love Dr DeSimone and her staff. Both of my son's have seen her and their experiences have been amazing. Everyone in the office is so easygoing and enjoyable and they have gone the extra mile to make my kids feel comfortable. It's a little further from our home but it's completely worth it.

- Jamie L

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Patient Testimonial from Daphnee F

Always a pleasant experience! Everyone is friendly and accommodating. Although my children have very unusual schedules, every effort is made to work around our absence and return. All three of my boys have had extraordinary orthodontic care!

- Daphnee F

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Patient Testimonial from Cindy B

I'm very happy that we chose Dr. DeSimone's office for our family's orthodontic needs. We couldn't be more pleased with the care and service we have received here. They take time to explain everything well, and treat both kids and adults with kindness, respect, and a great deal of professionalism. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Cindy B

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Patient Testimonial from Bonnie K

My daughter Olivia has had a wonderful experience...many times you hear ortho is a difficult/scary experience but Olivia's experience has been only positive. Everyone is friendly, professional and so helpful. Olivia never minds coming to her appointments. As her parent I have found everyone to be great. I would highly recommend Dr. DeSimone!

- Bonnie K

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Patient Testimonial from Cristina O

Welcoming environment when we walk in the door. Staff is very kind. Dr. DeSimone was very attentive and answered all the questions we had. WE ARE VERY SATISFIED!

- Cristina O

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Patient Testimonial from Anil M

Awesome experience

- Anil M

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Patient Testimonial from Cy M

Great place. Very knowledgable staff. Very professional

- Cy M

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Patient Testimonial from Jennifer B

Wonderful experience start to finish. Thank you all so much!

- Jennifer B

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Patient Testimonial from Cathy A

Amazing experience thank you ladies

- Cathy A

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Patient Testimonial from Joanne H

Very friendly and professional doctor and staff. I highly recommend this office. My kids look forward to their visits here!

- Joanne H

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Patient Testimonial from Michele V

My daughter Emily has had the most positive experience. We have always been greeted with smiles from your awesome staff!! Emily is so thankful for making her smile even more beautiful!!

- Michele V

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Patient Testimonial from Marion B

Highly professional team of Doctor and staff. We felt very well informed and guided through the various phases of the orthodontic treatment.

- Marion B

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Patient Testimonial from Stephanie A

DeSimone Orthodontics has been such an enjoyable experience. I have gone here for years and they have always been so welcoming and friendly. They get to know each and every patient and care about them personally. I would recommend them to anyone! You guys rock!

- Stephanie A

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Patient Testimonial from Malay S

We are so happy and absolutely satisfied with Mehers treatment. A big thank you to all the staff and Dr. DeSimone . Thank you

- Malay S

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Patient Testimonial from Heather T

I'm a mom with two kids who are going through the gauntlet of orthodontist visits involved with the appliance / braces / retainer stage of growing up. Dr DiSimone and her office stands out not just due to the quality of care, but also for the effort they put into going above and beyond to create a good experience for my kids. From the popcorn they give out the day your kid's braces finally come off, to the gift dollars the kids earn for each visit, this is an office that knows how to make your kids enjoy a silver lining -- even for procedures that they might otherwise dread.

- Heather T

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Patient Testimonial from Jun H

Good service always

- Jun H

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