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How Do Braces Straighten Crooked Teeth?

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Braces use constant, gentle pressure, which over time, move teeth into their proper positions. Your braces are at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment. The two main components of your braces are: the brackets that are placed on your teeth and the main archwire that connects them. The bracket is a piece of shaped metal or crystalline that we affix to each tooth. The archwire is bent to reflect your “ideal” bite. In other words, it reflects the way we want you to look after treatment.

The wire, metal or white, threads through the brackets and, as it tries to return to its original shape, it applies pressure to move your teeth. Picture your tooth resting in your jaw bone. With pressure on one side from the archwire, the bone on the other side gives way. The tooth moves. New bone grows in behind. Attached to your braces, elastics (rubber bands) exert the proper force that creates the right amount of pressure to move teeth. In order for this force to remain constant, elastics must be worn all the time and changed every day.

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Types of Braces Overview

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Types of Braces Overview
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Different Types of Braces

DeSimone Orthodontics utilizes the smallest, most gentle braces that give the best results in the shortest time possible. Metal braces are the most popular with kids and teenagers. They enjoy using different colors of ligature ties that hold wires into the brackets. Self-ligating metal brackets like The Damon System reduce friction between brackets and wires by eliminating use of ligature ties. Translucent clear braces and white wires are excellent choices for patients who want their braces to be as inconspicuous as possible. Dr. DeSimone will help you select the braces that are best for you.

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My smile looks wonderful and amazing thanks to Dr DeSimone's terrific and extremely professional knowledge and experience in her field, I am so happy to have gone through this Orthodontic experience with the best !!! Thank you Dr DeSimone

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Dr. DeSimone is reassuring, professional and informative. She straightened my "adult" teeth and gave me a new confidence, smile and profile. It was not always easy teaching middle school students with cumbersome appliances in my mouth but Dr. DeSimone guided me through that challenging year and a half with self-assurance and ease. I will be forever grateful for her encouragement and compassion.

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Highly recommend Dr. DeSimone and her staff. Expert in field. Office is run smoothly and professionally. Everyone is committed to superb patient outcomes from the first step inside the office. Always a positive experience with staff and Dr. DeSimone. They truly care about your teeth!

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Dr. DeSimone is a double boarded Orthodontist with years of experience and also teaches at Einstein School of Orthdontists. Our experience has been amazing and we received the highest quality of care. Her treatment was made as comfortable as possible, with advanced technology and gentle care. Dr. DeSimone is a perfectionist 5 star orthodontist. She truly is Americas Best Orthdontist.

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Both of my childer were treated by Dr DeSimone. Her staff was so knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating with our crazy schedules. It was such a wonderful experience. And my children's teeth now look absolutely fabulous!

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I Had a great experience and I'm very happy with my smile. I would recommend Dr DeSimone to all my family and friends.

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My son had braces and his smile is beautiful! He was thrilled to get them off in time for his prom! Dr. DeSimone is amazing and so professional and her team is always warm and friendly!

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