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DeSimone Orthodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 307 reviews.

Patient Testimonial from Mona P

We have had a wonderful experience at DeSimone Orthodontics. The entire office is friendly and helpful. We have also appreciated the flexibility with scheduling. Dr. DeSimone has taken her time to explain the various steps in our son's braces process - always answering questions and clarifying when needed. We definitely recommend DeSimine Orthodontics.

- Mona P

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Patient Testimonial from Tom B

Love the staff. I always feel like I'm getting the best treatment and in a friendly, caring environment.

- Tom B

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Patient Testimonial from Lindsay M

Amazing team. Dr DeSimone is extremely thorough and doesn't settle for anything less than perfect teeth. The rest of the staff is so welcoming and friendly and GREAT at what they do. As a night shift nurse living in NYC, flexibility in appointments was important to me. The entire team helped me achieve my perfect smile! Thanks Dr DeSimone!

- Lindsay M

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Patient Testimonial from Julie S

I had a very positive experience. The whole team is friendly and accommodating. I never had to wait to be seen. The office has the latest equipment and technology, which is a big plus. And my teeth look great!

- Julie S

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Patient Testimonial from Lisa S

Both of my children have had orthodontic treatment at DeSimone Orthodontics. I would gladly recommend them to friends and family. The staff has always been friendly and informative, and my children have always felt welcomed and well taken care of.

- Lisa S

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Patient Testimonial from Ingrid P

Highly recommended

- Ingrid P

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Patient Testimonial from Jenna B

We love DeSimone Orthodontics. The system they have in place makes the whole process very easy for the whole family. Everyone is so nice and friendly. My daughter was very comfortable getting her appliance and loved coming to the office to get DeSimone dollars.

- Jenna B

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Patient Testimonial from Joe G

Dr DeSimone and her team are terrific, caring people. The total experience of working with them is a pleasure.

- Joe G

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Patient Testimonial from John M

Both my daughter and son have been treated by Dr. DeSimone. She has always been compassionate and conscientious with the care of both of our kids and the results have been great! My daughter had some unique orthodontic issues that needed to be addressed. Dr. DeSimone dealt with those issues with tremendous professionalism, expertise, and empathy. I would highly recommend her. Her staff has also always been very caring and professional.

- John M

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Patient Testimonial from Geri D

What a great place... I am older and was treated wonderfully... The team works very well together.. They are very personal and accommodating... They made my teeth beautiful again... I can't stop smiling (and checking them out in the mirror!!!) Thank you very much Dr. De Simone and staff!

- Geri D

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Patient Testimonial from Linda P

Dr. DeSimone and her staff are wonderful. Friendly environment, efficient and readily accessible when in need of assistance. This has been a most positive experience.

- Linda P

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Patient Testimonial from Jeanine V

Superior service by friendly, knowledgeable and professional office staff. Every visit is a pleasure; never an appointment without being greeted by each staff member. Dr DeSimone is talented and produces the best results I've seen in orthodontia. Her skill is unmatched and she is equally pleasant with children and adults alike. My family highly recommends DeSimone Orthodontics and would rate them at more than five stars!

- Jeanine V

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Patient Testimonial from Carol S

Dr. DeSimone has been my family's trusted orthodontist for many years. She uses a conservative plan of treatment with all the latest technology, and does not have a "one size fits all" approach. She and her staff treat my family with respect and patience, and my questions are always answered promptly and respectfully. I would HIGHLY recommend DeSimone Orthodontics!

- Carol S

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Patient Testimonial from Elizabeth C

The entire staff of DeSimone Orthodontics is professional and very friendly. They have corrected a serious bite problem my child had and made her smile worth every minute and dollar we spent on the treatment. I highly recommend this doctor and practice.

- Elizabeth C

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Patient Testimonial from Kathleen B

We are very pleased with the overall care. Would highly recommend to others.

- Kathleen B

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Patient Testimonial from Melinda C

The convenient location and great staff and doctor made our experience good.

- Melinda C

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Patient Testimonial from Bridget P

I highly recommend this practice. All the staff are lovely. I feel like Dr Desimone is very knowledgeable and current about best practices and takes the extra time to speak with her patients. She has coaxed my adult teeth into a wonderful smile. Both my children have been to see her for braces also, and their once overcrowded teeth now look fantastic. Scheduling appointments has always been easy and the office staff are very welcoming. The waiting area is comfortable, and nicely decorated. I could easily drive to a closer orthodontist, but this practice is so good that I am happy to drive the additional miles for the excellent care and service. Can't say enough good things about Dr Desimone and her staff!

- Bridget P

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Patient Testimonial from Michele R

What I love about Dr. DeSimone is that she is very detail oriented and listens to my concerns. Her chairside manner is wonderful, and she respects my time, as she runs on time. Can't underestimate the value of that! We have done the spectrum from easy to very complicated ortho cases with my 4 kids-- from Invisalign to palatal expanders to head gear. The outcomes have been truly beautiful smiles. The staff at DeSimone orthodontics is awesome. They make things fun with contests, prizes, movies night, bowling dates, etc. I highly recommend DeSimone Orthodontics.

- Michele R

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Patient Testimonial from Ryan B

Terrific orthodontist. Highly reccomend.

- Ryan B

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Patient Testimonial from Nancy L

Dr. DeSimone is by far the best orthodontist I have had experience with. We've had 6 sets of braces within our family, the last three with Dr. DeSimone. Her professionalism, perfectionism, and genuine care for each of us was beyond anything we expected. I have returned to have my retainer "tweaked" over the years and Karen greets me as she would an old friend. The entire office gives one a feeling of warmth and puts one at ease immediately. I highly recommend DeSimone Orthodontics to anyone needing a consultation or treatment.

- Nancy L

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For more information about orthodontics or to schedule a consultation with Dr. DeSimone, call our office in Pennington, NJ at Karen DeSimone, DDS Orthodontist Phone Number 609-737-8000.

smiling patients

– “I could tell from the first time I stepped into your office that yours was a team with a firm commitment to orthodontics, tried-and-true success, years of experience and a strong dedication toward helping patients of all ages.”

– “I am so happy that I selected your practice to get me through the process. Everyone on your team showed a high level of professionalism, empathy, technical knowledge, humor, flexibility, understanding and cooperation with one another.”

-” I must say…that the fact that Dr. DeSimone has covered all aspects of orthodontics – psychology, business efficiency, amazing results and kindness is key!”

– “An amazing practice! :)”Thank you so much for giving my children a gift of a lifetime…a beautiful smile to share with the world! We love you all. I think your contests are so much fun, too!”

-“My favorite aspect is the final product…My children have big, beautiful smiles and a confidence they would not have had otherwise!”

– “Caring and professional staff and all the time Dr. DeSimone gets to know the patient and what they really need to get a beautiful end result.”

– “This has been a life changing experience. Everyone has been so nice and caring. My favorite aspect of DeSimone Orthodontics is the professionalism, friendliness, and how they are always concerned about the best interests of the patient.”

– “Dr. DeSimone and the entire staff are professional and caring – and highly skilled.”

– “I loved everything, but if forced to choose, the friendly and professional client service!  Also loved how organized and efficient the practice is!”

– “The professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff. Also, Dr. DeSimone knew exactly how to help my daughter!”

– “From the first visit when Dr. DeSimone spoke so kindly and directly to my daughter, we were hooked! DeSimone orthodontics is a very special and unique practice in this “factory-style world!! ”

– “Too many favorite things to list : The professional staff- friendly and inviting atmosphere- Dr. DeSimone’s EXPERT knowledge and education- and her ability to communicate thoroughly.”

– “Knowledgeable and excellent doctor, great with kids, wonderful staff and excellent care!”

– “I love the work and my children’s beautiful teeth.”

– “The care, professionalism and attention to every patient!”

– “Thanks for making the process easy and making the patient feel comfortable.”

-” Thank you Dr. DeSimone and your entire wonderful staff!! Your practice is beyond knowledgeable, professional, kind and caring!! Both my daughter and son have had any extremely positive experience from before and after results! Cory is so excited to show off his beautiful teeth and he sure did today at school!! All I can say again is “thank you!!!”

– “It is well worth the drive to come to this practice! From the time we enter, until the time we leave, my girls are well taken care of at DeSimone Orthodontics.”

– “Braces are coming off today and I am sad to see this experience end!”

– “Thank you for being so caring and for your wonderful expertise!”

– “Quality of care, personal service and friendly staff. I’m very happy with the care both of my children have received here!”

– “Great and wonderful experience overall-would highly recommend Dr. DeSimone and her staff!”

– “Dr. DeSimone is a true artist and expert in her field. Everyone is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The office is inviting, comfortable, and very efficiently run.”

– “We could not have had a better experience. Thank you so much! Amazing care and attention- about everything! You’re the best! I recommend you to everyone .”

– “Dr. DeSimone does beautiful work and works with patients wonderfully!”

– “Keep doing what you are doing…providing excellent and caring orthodontic service from the moment you enter to the minute you leave!”

– “Will always be grateful for the wonderful results I gained from wearing braces. Please know that your hard work and dedication means the world to someone like me who waited until age 40 to gain a nice smile.”

– “My children and I both feel and experience the entire office’s support and engagement in the individual as well as the process.”

– “DeSimone Orthodontics focuses on very high quality results. Great Experience!”

– “The people-for sure…So professional, warm, caring, dedicated and kind! Dr. DeSimone is a perfectionist! So talented!”

– “I recommended my daughter and my grandaughters and everyone else! I am receiving so many compliments on my smile. Dr. DeSimone does amazing work. I love her entire staff!”

– “We had 2 great experiences! We were always informed of the progress of our children’s treatment. The dental assistants are all very caring, knowledgeable, and thorough. And, Dr. DeSimone works miracles!”

– “Friendly staff and very professional. Great after school hours!”

– “Dr. DeSimone has gone above and beyond to support my son through treatment. We will miss you!”

– “This practice is focused on the patient and a great end result! This office also has a GREAT location.”

– “Thank you for your passionate pursuit of excellence- in our eyes you’re there. You guys do a fabulous job!”

– “At no time did I feel conspicuous in your office as an adult. But I absolutely felt that my questions were always addressed with finesse and practicality for someone my age. I would recommend your practice and its wonderful staff to anyone.”

– “I am so grateful for how you have helped my son achieve a beautiful smile; thank you for your kind care. My favorite aspects about DeSimone Orthodontics are the extraordinary care, the excellent plan, and the welcoming and fun environment.”

– “A high standard of excellence. Everything here is top notch!”

– “Skilled orthodontic treatment resulting in a beautiful smile!”

– “I love that Dr. DeSimone strives for perfection!! And I love the sense of family at the office.”

– “A great experience, and a great staff!”

– “Carefully explained procedures, extremely friendly, makes patients and parents at ease, help with payments, everything went smoothly. We gladly recommend this office because we had such a great experience. Thank you.”

– “The amazing professionalism and pride in your work is very appreciated.”

– “This is the finest and most organized practice/office I have ever known!”

– “Have utmost confidence in Dr. DeSimone’s skill and expertise-always left office informed and understood orthodontic plan & progress.”

– “I am confident that my child is receiving the best orthodontic care here.”

– “My favorite aspect of DeSimone Orthodontics is the straight forward communication and excellent advice you always provide. Your entire staff is very professional and works well to welcome us as a family!”

– “Exceptional and great care. Enthusiasm of Dr. DeSimone and her staff is much appreciated!”

– “Dr. DeSimone is very knowledgeable and professional.”

– “I haven’t experienced this kind of service anywhere else…Thank you for the beautiful smile 🙂 ”

– “Dr. DeSimone’s conservative approach to orthodontics was excellent.”

– “We appreciate the care and precision of our orthodontic experience. And appointments are on time. Thank you!”

– “Love Dr. DeSimone, her friendly staff, the organization, efficiency, & cleanliness of the office. The entire experience was excellent!”

– “Extremely patient and kind to our special needs teenager. The care of the patient is their top priority.”

– “Professional approach from front desk to billing to dental assistants to Dr. DeSimone!”

– “Warm and friendly environment coupled with professionalism.”

– “We appreciate the warmth, caring and compassion that Dr. DeSimone and her staff show to each patient!”

– “Always had confidence in the treatment here. Positive and professional staff. Fun and youthful environment. Thank you! Looking forward to many years of beautiful smiles.”

– “Comprehensive care. Patients and parents are kept updated- excellent communication- caring office.”

– “Absolute attention to detail!” Very knowledgeable! Keep up the awesome job!”

– “Our favorite thing about DeSimone Orthodontics is Dr. DeSimone’s expertise, willingness, and patience to explain treatment to us. They have a wonderful and kind team- both administrative staff and dental assistants.”

– “A warm feeling of belonging comes across.”

– “We are so lucky to have you in our community.”

– “Heard from friends how good Dr. DeSimone is!”

– “Every visit was a pleasure. The staff is comforting. The care was super. Thank you for a beautiful smile!! ”

– “I really enjoyed coming here and thank you to everyone for making my teeth so perfect! ”

– “A great practice, very professional and well run!”

– “I love how friendly everyone is- it’s like sharing time with friends here. That plus the results makes me feel confident.”

– “Dr. DeSimone wants your smile to be at its best!”

– “Love Dr. DeSimone’s expertise…love the office and the service.”

– “You’re the best and I continue recommending you!”

– “It was an exceptional experience.”

– “My favorite aspect of DeSimone Orthodontics  is Dr. DeSimone’s knowledge and care and the beyond-friendly staff and atmosphere!”

– “We had a totally positive experience. You are a top notch organization! I will highly recommend your practice to friends and family! This is a fun atmosphere and appointments are on time- no waiting.”

– “My favorite aspect of DeSimone Orthodontics is Dr. DeSimone’s credentials.”

-“Love this place.  Best improvement I made for myself!”

– ” My daughter had such a positive experience here, she now wants to become an orthodontist when she gets older!!”

– “My son saw 3 orthodontists before choosing Dr. DeSimone. This is where he felt comfortable. Thank you!”

– “I appreciate how Dr. DeSimone talks to the child as well as the parent.”

– “Love it all!”

– “Amazing attention to detail”

– “Professional Care and Office Professionalism!”

– “Excellent and Outstanding Service!”

– “We appreciate the expertise of Dr. DeSimone and her staff. My daughter loves it here and has come a long way from where she started. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful.”

– “Dr. DeSimone and the office is sensitive to special needs children. We LOVE the special touches like DeSimone Dollars and the contests. We never had to wait for our appointment! I recommend DeSimone Orthodontics to others!”

-“We were so anxious at the thought of starting braces, but it turned out to be totally unintimidating and even fun! Lovely, friendly place. Keep doing what you are doing! You do it so well! And thank you!”

– “Seriously, everyone and everything has been wonderful throughout this entire process. Welcoming atmophere. Cheerful staff. Willingness to be flexible. And you never ever keep us waiting! ”

– “Such a professional, kind, and considerate staff. Excellent customer service. I will continue to refer friends to your office!”

– “Dr. DeSimone is thorough, so smart and talented!”

– “Customer service is superb and they are very responsive to questions and anything we needed to make treatment a nice experience.”

– “Every visit is a positive, pleasant experience!”

– “Dr. DeSimone will make sure your smile is perfect!”

– “I’m so glad I finally decided to see Dr. DeSimone to take care of longstanding orthodontic needs.”

– ” Everything! All of the staff are so kind and informative.  We are so happy with the treatment received.”

– “Standing behind the work, even through the years!”

– “The promptness of the staff. Appointments were always when scheduled, no excessive waiting!”

– “Always…Warm, welcoming and friendly staff. ”

– “The feeling in this office is that it is a well-oiled machine from start to finish- very organized- perfectly awesome in seeing patients on time!  Love the dental assistants and Dr. DeSimone, love the seasonal decorations. Fabulous experience – Recommend to all!”

– “Great experience. His teeth look great!”

– “Caring and professional atmosphere.”

– “Loved the attention given to my son during treatment and the overall services.”

– “My family really appreciates the time taken to explain things directly to the patient.”

– “Everyone in the office is so nice! I have needed flexibility and they have always been kind with a smile!”

– “I chose DeSimone Orthodontics because it was highly recommended by my dentist!”

– “They are always ready to work around your schedule.”

– “I appreciate the consideration of cost & open discussions about how much different options cost. ”

– “This is the Best Office- I love the office atmosphere and kindness of all the staff!”

– “Kids never complained!”

– “It’s been an amazing experience!”

– “Every visit, every interaction has been pleasant, professional and efficient. Thank you!”

– “So pleased with kids’ care from day 1 !”

– “Office run very efficiently, explains process and administers procedures clearly to parents.”

– “Amazing staff-friendly, knowledgeable, warm, great at what they do!”

– “I will never forget how Dr. DeSimone helped us transition into and out of our year in California.”

– “DeSimone Orthodontics is family oriented. The entire process is professional and makes getting braces a good experience!”

– “Great experience all around!”

– “Helpful payment plans.”

– “Communication with parents is very clear & thoughtful in approach.”

– “Amazing timeliness! I have never seen anything like this!”

– “Hard to choose just one favorite aspect of  DeSimone Orthodontics.  It feels like a family here, which puts kids (and parents) at ease…The kids are always happy to see what the next contest might be!!”

– “Appointments, communication, staff, check-in/out flow with ease, clarity, flexibility and kindness!” – “I can’t say enough- always accommodating my crazy working mom schedule- patient and caring- so good to my son in coaching him through this process. Thank You!! Thank you!!!”

– “I will miss all of you. Thank you for everything. I appreciated the professionalism and concern for the patient!”

– “I love this place and will miss all of you now that my treatment is finished. Everyone here has a smiling face!”

– “Had a wonderful experience.  Staff is kind, cheerful and knowledgeable. Loved the end cheer song.  Happy with everything!

– “We were taken on time for all of our appointments for 2 years! We have had a wonderful experience and I have recommended this office to many friends!”

– “Everyone is so friendly & helpful-very caring”

– “Everything was great x 3! Love the straight teeth and beautiful smile! Thanks so much!”

– “Everyone is so kind and gentle. This is very important especially for new patients.”

– “We feel that you’re cared for as an individual here – never boring – always fun.”

– “We really admire how fantastic you all are! Professional, courteous, kind, and positive attitudes. Wish I ran my office as well as you run yours!”

– “I will actually feel SAD when my kids are out of braces! We will miss you! Are alumni visits allowed?”

– “Friendly Professionalism!!”

– “Friendly staff, enthusiasm of office.  All is great!”

– “Wonderful service”

– “Warm and friendly atmosphere…Feels like home..Love the fun contests and decorations!”

– “It has been a completely wonderful experience. Best customer service I have seen in many years.”

– “Punctual, no waiting, stress-free, excellent results.”

– “My daughter felt very well cared for.”

– “Fantastic experience!”

– “You are all super!”

– “Keep up the great job. We love the prizes and incentives.”

– “Gentle and kind!”

– “We love this place!”

– “Great experience. I like how my child was comfortable and cooperative about having braces and taking care of her teeth/braces.”

– “I almost can’t wait for my next daughter to get her braces on…They make us feel like part of the family!”

– “Friendly and personalized atmosphere. Easy payment plans.”

– “Everything and Everybody have been so great! You’re the best! Thank you so much! I’ll miss you!”

– “Loved the coffee/tea, toothbrushes, and games for entertaining us all!”

– “I think everything here is great!”

– “It has been an exceptional experience. Friendly and professional in all areas. Love the events and activities available to the whole family!”

– “Really like the friendly atmosphere and flexibility of appointment times.”

– “The front desk staff are always helpful and understanding when appointments need to be rescheduled.”

– “Nice family atmosphere. DeSimone Orthodontics has really been awesome!”

– “Great communication with Dr DeSimone.”

– “Loved the different office challenges and contests for the patients!”

– “I think DeSimone Orthodontics is a great and wonderful office!”

– “So family – friendly. Awesome! We had a great experience!”

– “Going to miss seeing you all. We love the beautiful final results!”

– “You are EXCELLENT! Don’t change a thing!”

– “Everything is just perfect! It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to our youngest son starting treatment.”

– “Very effective communicating with parents and kids.”

– “Always sees us on time. Fits us in at last minute. Great results!”

– “Friendly, helpful, and patient. Thanks for taking such good care of all of us!”

– “This is a warm and friendly environment, very caring of patients as individuals.”

– “Keep doing what you do!! Continue the great work!”

– “Great place for both patient and parent. They treat you like close friends. Quality care. Everything is always great!”

– “Thank you for providing exceptional service. This is a wonderfully clean and efficiently-run office!”

– “Professionalism and kindness- Great environment for kids.”

– “You  made adult orthodontics a wonderful experience!”

– “Couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of your office and orthodontic treatment!”

– “Exceptional office on all points.”

– “Everyone is friendly and happy!”

– “Whenever I called for advice, I never had to wait and I was given information straight away.”

– “Fantastic service. I recommend to others 🙂 ”

– “On time!! Never a delay or wait!”

– “You are made to feel like part of the family here.”

– “We like the professionalism and thoroughness of Dr. DeSimone and the understanding of the whole process.”

– “I appreciate Dr. DeSimone’s attention to detail.”

– “Love the people who work here. It was a great “braces” experience. ”

– “Incredible people work here!” This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you!!”

– “Friendly – always helpful”

– “We feel like part of the family here!”

– “A great overall experience!” The people in this office are superb!”

– “I appreciate a well-run office. And this office is very well-run!”

– “Very nice experience overall. Great attention to detail. Very friendly staff.”

– “We loved our experience and everyone who works here. Very friendly and accommodating! Contests were great- The people make it a pleasant office. Thank you!”

– “Everyone in the office wears a beautiful smile!”

– “Terrific service- friendly, helpful staff- engaging activities for the kids- and appreciate the coffee/tea!!”

– “Friendliness as soon as you walk through the door. Thank you!!”

– “We appreciate the reminder calls for appointments!”

– “Always a good vibe in this office :)”

– “Dr. DeSimone is a great motivator to getting my kids to brush their teeth and to care for their braces at home!”

– “It was a great experience! Everyone in the office is friendly and caring. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

– “Flexible hours, friendly environment, good communication”

– “Braces aren’t too exciting for older teens, but you’ve made the experience very positive and fun! Thanks!”

– “Love the people here! Friendly atmosphere! Love the games and contests!”

– “Overall great experience. Friendly and quick.”

– “This office is perfect…Friendly, Convenient, Wonderful, Clean!”

– “You guys are the best!!”

– “Dr. DeSimone is great!”

– “I love that a human (Kathy, Lois or Lynn) answers the phone and I don’t get a machine or a prompt.”

– “Thanks for a great experience!”

– “This office works well with young individuals like my son.”

– “Loved the new contest at every visit. Also loved the Bowling Party!”

– “Everything has been wonderful. Everyone is friendly. Very professional and kid friendly. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun.  Could not be better!”

– “Everything is explained to both the parent and the patient. Very friendly and accomodating!”

– “DeSimone Orthodontics is perfect in every aspect! We love you!”

– “Friendly staff, great experience!”

– “We’ve had 4 children in braces and have had ONLY positive experiences. Wonderful people work here! Great location and personal, friendly service.”

– “I recommend Dr. DeSimone to all my friends. The friendly nature of the staff and the fun aspects of games and contests make my children really enjoy their appointments.”

– “My favorite aspects of DeSimone Orthodontics are Dr. DeSimone, Lynn, Kathy, Mindy, Kim, Karen,  Izamar, and Lois. They are all so encouraging. Can you believe that I will actually feel SAD when my kids are our of braces? We will miss you. Are alumni visits allowed?”

– “Dr. DeSimone, the staff, and the orthodontic plan are EXCELLENT.”

– “Very positive experience from start to finish. Great Communication with Dr. DeSimone concerning treatment options. Great popcorn and magazines;)”

– “Kid-friendly AND adult-friendly.”

– “Everyone at DeSimone Orthodontics makes it easy to get through the orthodontic process.”

– “Great Treatment, Great Location, Makes Things Fun!”

– “The people in this practice are my favorite part of DeSimone Orthodontics!”

– “You all are wonderful. Great care in closing the gap in my son’s teeth.”

– “It has been a great journey- from the front desk, to the dental techs, to Dr. “D” herself. I also appreciate when someone comes out after the appointment and fills us in on every aspect of what’s going on in the treatment. We will miss you all! Thanks! Love the coffee, too!”

– “Very wonderful care, very accomodating, and very friendly.”

– “It’s like family here. This practice is exceptional!”

– “This experience we’ve had at DeSimone Orthodontics for the past 2 years has been wonderful. Thanks for making braces a good experience.”

– “Dr. DeSimone and the staff have a great attitude and are all very personable. Terrific treatment.”

– “Friendly and personal attitudes of all staff!”

– “Fast service and friendly environment!”

– “You guys are awesome!”

– “DeSimone Orthodontics is friendly, fun, knowledgeable and accommodating!”

– “Friendly atmosphere.  Always a pleasure!”

– “Appointments are always on time and /or early!”

– “Friendly staff, appointments always running on time!”

– “Very friendly environment and employees.  Everyone in this office is awesome!”

– “Keep up the good work!”